Morning Snow Moon

As the sun was coming up over the tree tops in the east, February’s full moon, the Snow Moon was lowering behind the trees on the hill in the west.

It was so soft and yellow, if I didn’t know east from west I could have mistaken it for the sun.

There’s is a Bellydancing move called the Ghawazee.  It’s a strong and grounding hip throwing, earthy dance step.  The bigger your hips are the better it looks.  The dancers arms are extended out on either side of them, palms up.

When I saw the Snow Moon and then the sun opposite it in the east, I pictured a Goddess big enough to hold the moon in the palm of one hand the sun in the other,  shimmying her hips from side, to side,   doing the Ghawazee.

4 thoughts on “Morning Snow Moon

  1. So cool – the image of a shimmying Goddess holding the Sun & the Moon! Do you have the feeling that image may find its way into your art? The Snow Moon has been beautiful here in NC as well…..

  2. I love the beautiful imagery in this post. I can see the strong goddess with shimmering hair holding both sun and moon and when I close my eyes I can hear the rhythm of her coin belt as she dances.

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