Spreading Manure

Spring seems to have arrived with the last days of February.  Not that I think we’re done with the cold or snow.  But for this week at least, it looks as though the mud and ticks are back.

A good time to start digging into the manure pile that I started in the fall.  It’s high and wide this year.  Seems bigger than in past years, although I’m not sure why that would be.  It’s still frozen just a few inches down, but I was able to scrape a wheelbarrow full from around the edges.

I took it to the hill in the back pasture where the ground is dry and rocky.  I think the soil there will appreciate the nourishment.  It’s a long way to go and up the hill,  but I’ll do it slowly, a little every day.

Once I dump the wheelbarrow I spread the manure around with the rake.  Last year was the first time I spread the manure in this way and it worked out well.

And on these warm late winter days, it gives me an excuse to stay outside just a little bit longer.

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