March Chives

It’s the first sprouts on the farm.  A bunch of chives that I planted last year on the south side of my studio.

By the end of last summer I had a nice garden growing under my windows.  Most of the plants came from Jon’s raised bed garden.

But the hens have spend the winter scratching up the soil  beneath the bird feeder where many of the plants were.  I had a small wire fence around the garden, but the hens plowed though it, knocking it down and pushing it aside.

The chives have survived and maybe some of the other plants did too.

I still think we’ll get some snow.  I don’t know much about chives, but I bet they’re hardy and even if they wilt with a bit of spring snow, they’ll come back again.

3 thoughts on “March Chives

  1. Before I adopted a cat I had to determine which of my plants may be toxic;
    One of the plants I couldn’t keep was chives, as I found it to be toxic for cats.
    You may want to think twice about keeping Zip away from your chives!

    1. I’ve had chives and cats before Dodi and never had a problem with them. I find that the animals on the farm are good at staying away from the plants that aren’t good for them. No one eats the wild blue flag Iris’s that grow in the pasture.

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