Robin has a way of looking at me that none of my other sheep do.  It seems to me questioning but happy.

It always makes me think of when he was born and his mother Lori didn’t want to nurse him.  I was frantic to get him to latch onto her. I knew if he didn’t we would have to bottle feed him and it’s always better if a lamb makes that connection with his mother and gets her milk, especially in the first hours.

When I think of it now, I wish I were calmer and maybe both Lori and Robin would have been too.  Then maybe Robin would be easier with me.  He still shies away from my hands unless I have a treat.

It’s not that he’s afraid of me, just cautious.

Robin was a surprise.  We didn’t know that Lori was pregnant when we got her.  I’m just glad I went into the barnyard when I did, otherwise I’m not sure that Robin would have even survived.

That was three years ago on a cold March day.  I remember it seemed a miracle.

Jon holding Robin, just after he was born.

4 thoughts on “Robin

  1. oooh what a face with his soul shining through… and the smiling mouth with hay!
    There is a lot of tenderness in the way he looks at you.
    Maria please consider doing magnet portraits of your sheep!

  2. Maria, I remember reading your posts when Robin was born & the precarious situation he was in & how you & Jon were able to act so swiftly to help him. He was so CUTE as a lamb, & has grown into a very handsome adult. Love his “smile”. He is a lucky guy!

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