Insect Eddy, Thirty Second Meditation

I didn’t know the small circling cluster was made of insects until I watched my video.  I couldn’t see them with my naked eye. I though they were tiny leaves or plants.  But then I saw them move.

Insects eddies occur in streams.   Insects or larva get caught in an a vortex of water and become an easy meal for fish.

4 thoughts on “Insect Eddy, Thirty Second Meditation

  1. Maria,

    I’m sure I’m not alone in finding your 30 second meditation videos very calming . Would you consider doing them on a more regular basis?
    Thank you,


    1. I’m so glad you feel that way Chris. Thanks for letting me know. I did get out of the habit of making them. I find them calming to make actually. I have to sit usually for more than 30 seconds and be still to get a good video. I will try to be more regular about making them.

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