2 thoughts on “Merricat And Lori Enjoying Their Hay

  1. I love Merricats face! I enjoy seeing all of your sheep, Merricat is my favorite ❤️. I’m getting ready to start my Christmas knitting. It’s a little early but most of my family is asking for hats, mittens and slippers this year! I’ve saved Robins wool for slippers, they will be thick and warm. The hats and mittens for my granddaughters will be made with the lavender and teal wool I have from you. I love your yarn, it is soft and wears well. The slippers I made for Samantha and Jamie 3 years ago are still going strong, a tribute to your fantastic yarn

    1. You know how much I love to hear that Josie. I remember when you made Samantha slippers. Soon it will be time to shear the sheep again. It’s different every year. I guess it’s not really too early to start knitting for Christmas when You have so much to make!

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