Snow And BlueBirds


Fate on the hill in the barnyard this morning.

This morning there was enough snow for us all to leave our footprints.

I saw where Zip circled my studio then went over the fence into the barnyard.  His footprints stopped in a dustup about 18″ round, then moved on back to the barn.

Maybe he caught a mouse or mole moving under the snow.

By this afternoon, the snow was melted except where it lay in the shadows.  The pond and marsh met at Lulu’s Crossing and the Gulley Bridge was under water.

I’ve never seen the water this high.  It makes more space, at least for a while, for the geese and ducks to land, but I saw none of them.

It was the bluebirds that showed up today.

The first I saw a streak of purple that turned  dusty blue with and burnt orange flash when it landed on the edge of the marsh to drink.

Later a few, sparkling iridescent blue, flew as if dancing.   Then one sat on the fence post wrestling with something worm-like in his beak until he swallowed it.

The barnyard this afternoon

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