“Thinking of Snow” All Done


Me and “Thinking of Snow.” Photo by Jon Katz

On this late winter day, when we woke to three inches of snow on the ground, I finished my quilt “Thinking of Snow”.

A little less than half of it needed to be tacked, then I hand sewed the opening and signed it.

Sheila, who bought the quilt asked if I would post a photo of the quilt with me standing  by it.  So Jon came to my studio after lunch and he took our picture together.

I’m not good at and don’t like posing for pictures.  So I asked Jon to talk to me while he took the picture so it would be more natural.  I think it worked out well.

Tomorrow I’ll put Thinking of Snow in the mail and send it off it its new home.

I feel like I learned something from making Thinking of Snow that I’ll be able to use in the future.  Intellectually I know the importance of the idea of the space in between, the negative space, but the more I practice it (and I did a lot making this quilt)  the more I will trust and embody it.

Thinking of Snow all done

10 thoughts on ““Thinking of Snow” All Done

  1. So beautiful! Full of air and spaciousness. I love the lively balance of solids and patterns dancing in space.

  2. I loved this quilt from the very beginning. Now, at the end, it is like an art gallery! It just became more and more of itself.

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