I’m Making Some More “Meditation Trees”

The tree stages of stitching and painting my Meditation Trees. I sew each one individually so they are all unique.

The first two batches of Meditation Trees sold so quickly I thought there might be more people who wanted them.  Then when I got a few emails asking if I was making more, I knew for sure I would.

Yesterday I cut the fabric and tea stained it overnight.  This morning I hung them out to dry. It was such a warm and sunny day that it didn’t take long.

Often when I make an image over and over I get tired or bored with it.  But that hasn’t happened with my Meditation Trees.  I don’t know if it will.

There is something calming about making them.   And when I’m sewing the Earth energy spiral, I get mesmerized watching the variegated thread as it turns from turquoise to purple to indigo.

I’m making nine more Meditation Trees and will have them all done and for sale next week.

A close-up of one of my Earth energy spirals.

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