Rami and Jackie, Two Of My Ramshorn Snails

My biggest Ramshorn snail has grown so much since I got her.  I decided to call this snail Jackie after my friend who gave me the three Ramshorn snails in December.   At first it was hard for me to tell them apart, but Jackie is so big now there is no mistaking her.

I took this video yesterday and found it rather elegant how her spiral shell twists and moves as she does.   Snails moves with such grace and fluidity.  It’s one of the reasons I love to watch them.

Rami, the snail born in the tank, is getting bigger too.

I can now see the marking on his shell, which are small dark spots.  And the shell, though still transparent, is growing thicker.

Ramshorn snails live about one year.  I don’t know how old Jackie is, but it will be interesting to watch both her and Rami live out their life span.  I’ve never had a snail since birth.

I have two other Ramshorn snails in the tank.  Next I will figure out how to tell them apart and give them names too.

It was only last month that Rami was almost too small to see.  Here he is with Jackie.

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