Garlic Spring

I didn’t mean to put the  cardboard over the garlic bulbs.  I must have misjudged where I planted them.  It was only the flap of the cardboard box that covered them.

Each fall I layer manure, leaves or old straw then cardboard to replenish the soil and keep the weeds from growing in my vegetable garden.

I can see how determined, how hardy the garlic that my friend Kat gave me really is.  It didn’t just grow all squiggly and yellow under the cardboard, it poked a hole right  through it.

I removed the cardboard from this and a couple of other garlic plants.  Although it was probably a nice blanket in the winter.

On this first day of Spring we woke to a dusting of snow.

But I’m not worried about the Garlic,  it needs cool weather when it first starts growing and can stand freezing temperatures as long as it’s not too far below zero.

This is only my second year growing garlic. My first year was a success  which makes me think that garlic is easy to grow.

And if the garlic isn’t letting a cardboard box stop it, I’m not sure what will.

4 thoughts on “Garlic Spring

  1. I met an old Garlic farmer that I bought from, he told me to put Blood Meal on the soil. The weather is hot down here, so I don’t have the kind of Garlic that I had in Connecticut. I still grow it because I use a lot in my cooking.

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