The Sun and Moon Coming Together. The Last Batch of Moon and Sun Potholders

Ode to the Moon and Sun Potholders

Because places for viewing the full Solar Eclipse on April 8th are so close to us, we are hearing a lot about it.  If the skies are clear, our neighboring state of Vermont expects hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Jon and I will be staying home that day and here on the farm we’ll experience a partial solar eclipse.  It will begin around 2:15 and end around 4:30.

I remember walking out of my house one afternoon in the late 1980s when I lived on Long Island.  The light was so strange I checked my face to see if I was wearing my sunglasses and just forgot I had them on.  But it wasn’t me, I was experiencing a partial solar eclipse.

I did not look at the sun. But just as I don’t need to be able to see the sun itself to witness a sunrise or sunset, I “saw” that eclipse.  Maybe less literal, but perhaps more poetic, an immersive experience of light and color and atmosphere.

When I made my first batch of Ode To The Moon and Sun Potholders I wasn’t thinking of the upcoming eclipse.  Not consciously anyway.  Now there is no denying it.  And the closer we get to the day of the eclipse, the more they speak to the phenomenon of the moon passing between the sun and earth.

This will be my last batch of Moon and Sun Potholders,  I’m all out of fabric. What a joy they were to make.

I still have to make these into potholders, I plan to have them done by the end of the week.

3 thoughts on “The Sun and Moon Coming Together. The Last Batch of Moon and Sun Potholders

  1. Gorgeous potholders! Glad to hear you’ll be able to enjoy the eclipse from the comfort of your own yard!

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