Scraps Of The Scraps Sun Potholders For Sale

Blue Square Sun Potholder 

The colorful scraps from my Moon and Sun Eclipse Potholders  didn’t not want to go to waste. So with them I made something from very little.    Unlike the strings too short to tie, these scraps were not too small to sew.

I used the scraps all up and with a help from the other fabric in my stash made my Scraps of the Scraps Potholders.   Each one has a little bit of the sun peeking out.  A wink to the eclipse, and bit a of the universe.

My  Scraps of the Scraps Sun Potholders are $25 each + $5 shipping and you can buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

Orange Window  Sun
Pink Window Sun Potholder
Feathers and Sun
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