What I Found In The Woods

Close up of a maple tree seed, or poly nose

A winter on the forest floor left the seed from a maple tree wrapped in lace.

I was mesmerized by the pattern and fit of the outer layer of the poly nose around the seed. But the seed and winter worn shell with its wing still attached, on a soft bed of moss, made me think of a  fairy tale about waking from deep, deep sleep.

The wing of a beetle

And then I found another wing.  This time a beetle, not  delicate like lace, but looking as if were cast in the pitted, patina of copper.

It was the color of the belly of the beetle that caught my eye. The same color as the cloud of lichen it rested on.

Skunk cabbage seed inside the flower

And last, the Skunk Cabbage seed cradled in its flower in the swamp.  As big as the beetle is small.  But truly, if this flower and seed were as big as the poly nose, I might not think it so strangely beautiful.

Skunk Cabbage in the swamp

6 thoughts on “What I Found In The Woods

  1. Those are amazing photos. Were those taken with a macro lens? Is that with your phone or a camera?
    For years, I carried a loupe with me to look at things more closely in nature, but I have not used it in some time. Your photos reminded me that it’s time to start carrying it again in my pocket!
    When I taught second grade, I bought a set of loupes for my kids to use. Loupes can let us see the world in an entirely different way, the same as the lens you used to take those photographs with!

    1. I’ve never even heard of a Loupe Laura, what a great thing to have and to give to kids. I took these photos with my iPhone 13. I use it sometimes just to get a closer look at things, like a Loupe, I guess.

  2. You have solved a mystery. Have seen a few of these recently for the first time ever. So extraordinary.

    thank you Maria.

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