Leaves And A Background For My Meditation Tree

Painting the back of my Meditation Tree

That’s the hand stitched quilting on the back of my Meditation Tree that I am painting in the photo above.  The paint will bleed through the stitches onto the front of the piece.  The paint is a suggestion,  spotty and inconsistent.  But the pattern of the hand stitching is undeniable.

The paint adds color and deepens the texture of the backing.

Tied fabric that I will sew on as leaves for my tree


But before I started painting, I experimented with making leaves for the tree.

I figured this out, with the fabric and all while I lay awake one night, not able to sleep.  I was a bit surprised that I liked the way it looked when I actually tied the fabric in knots and sewed a few on.

Often when I come up with an idea in the night it doesn’t work in the daylight.

Sewing the leaves on my Meditation Tree

You can see the paint beginning to seep through to the front of the quilt in the photo above. Much of it will probably be covered up by the leaves, but it will still add another layer to the piece.


I still have lots more leaves to knot and sew on. I’m thinking of adding some beads or buttons to the tree top too, but I’ll see how that works as I go.

What my Meditation Tree looked like when I left my studio this evening

I did find the perfect fabric for the Earth Energy Spiral.  A ball of strips of silk tied together.  It is made of colors similar to the  variegated thread I used on my small Meditation Tree wall hangings.

The ball of silk fabric string I’ll use for the spiral


2 thoughts on “Leaves And A Background For My Meditation Tree

  1. I love the pattern of triangles in the background. It reminds me of sacred geometry. Like cosmic waves surrounding the tree, and expanding both inward and outward into the universe. Just wonderful!

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