Ewes and Wethers

Kim, Lori, Merricat and Constance at the front feeder.  Asher, Robin and Issachar behind them.

When I had more sheep we needed three feeders.  Now we only need two.  One for the donkeys and one for the sheep.

But sometimes I still split up the hay into three feeders. When I do the ewes eat at one and the wethers the other.  It’s not because they’re paying attention to gender.  It’s because the boys are taller and it’s easier for them to reach the hay in the feeder that is off the ground.

By the time I shear them, the sheep will be grazing on spring grass.  I’m hoping that most of the hay that has settled into their wool over the winter will with have fallen out, or been eaten by one of the other sheep.

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