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My shipping desk in the guest room/office

I’ll be dropping off my latest batch of potholders in the mail this morning.  Suns, scraps, moths and butterflies.  They are all sold.

Theresa ordered a Heron Magnet with hers.  “Hard to believe it was the one magnet I didn’t have.” she wrote me.  And Gail left a message saying “I want people close to me get a little piece of your art.

I see the reviews many of you leave in my Etsy Shop.  I’ve never figured out how to respond to them.  It’s one of those things that continues to stump me. But I like reading them and appreciate each one.

Everyone gets a Raven postcard or Zip notecard with their order.  And I just got some stickers with that photo I put up on my blog a while ago of the laundry in my washing machine.  It’s just a little thing about 2″ round but it looks like a whole other world to me.  I put that or a sticker of “My Truth Has Wings” on the outside of the package.

Jon and I joke about my shipping station.  He imagines it growing with employees packing up my work and sending it off.  But I’ll never be able to make so much work that I can’t ship it myself.  I can’t create that quickly.

So for me it’s my printer and labels,  mailers and boxes, cards and stickers, tape and markers, in the empty but busy bedroom upstairs in the farm house.

My Laundry Sticker

2 thoughts on “Shipping Central

  1. The photo for the laundry sticker is amazing. It is like being in a dark place and peering up into the sky. It opens up all sorts of imaginative portals into seeing the world, this world or another one. A lovely illustration of what Blake wrote: “To see a world in a grain of sand and a Heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” Actually, your photography does that often for me. Thank you.

    1. That Blake quote is everything I love about Blake Laurie. For you to have thought of it when looking at my photography (and laundry:) is a great compliment.

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