Today In My Studio

The Moth and flower potholders I made today

I finished up my day in the studio by mopping my floor.  And it needed it.

I take off my shoes and put on my slippers when I go into my studio.  But even with that and the rug by the door, mud travels this time of year.

But before I even got into my studio, I figured out what my Meditation Tree needed in its branches.

I was actually in the yard picking up after the dogs this morning when it came to me.  My Meditation Tree is budding, not in full bloom.  It’s about potential, not being there.  Meditation is a practice, and my tree wants to reflect that.

What came to mind is the flowers, that always look like tassels to me,  which sprout from the sugar maples that surround my studio.

So when I got to work this morning, the first thing I did was go through my thread and embroidery floss to see what would make the best tassels for my tree.  I decided on a gold embroidery floss.

Then I moved on to working with the remainder of my Moth Fabric. I’d used all the butterflies in last weeks potholders, but there were still  a few moths and some flowers.

I’m also tea staining some pieces of muslin and will make five more small  Meditation Tree wall hangings next week.

And on Monday, when I go back to my studio, it will be nice and clean.

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