Zip At The Back Door

Zinnia and Zip are good friends.

When I take too long putting on my boot, coat and hat to feed the animals in the morning, Zip hops off the table where he usually waits for me, and comes to the door.

This morning all three dogs were at the door too.  And Zip took turns looking at each one of them.

I’m not sure what Zip and Bud are saying to each other. But they both look curious about the other.

Zip and Bud don’t get to interact a lot.  Mostly through the fence.  But Zip seems to know not to go in the fenced in area around my studio where the dogs run. Besides the house, it’s the one place on the farm I’ve never seen him.

Zip checking out Fate

Fate ignores Zip the best she can.  When she does look at him, it’s always out of the corner of her eye or she’s stalking him.

Zip looking at me

I was the last one that Zip looked at. I don’t know what he was saying to the dogs, but I do know he was telling me it was time to eat.

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