More Work On My Meditation Tree

I just got the spiral looking the way I want it to.  A gradual spiraling in (After many attempts I realized I had to start from the outside and work my way to the center not the other way around) the lines getting closer as the spiral got smaller.

I pinned it on to the back and began basting the silk stands down when my phone rang.  Something is wrong with Jon’s iPhone.  Bad enough that we need to go to the Apple store in Albany  an hour from the farm to get it fixed.

That leaves me an  hour to get my work done.  Because I know when we get  back it will be late and I’m going to be too tired to do much of anything.

So the basting and finish sewing of my earth energy spiral will have to wait.

But I’m glad I got the work done on my Meditation Tree that I did today.  It feels like it’s all falling into place.

I finished sewing on my flower tassels.  They helped give shape to the tree top, then I did more painting on the  old hand quilted stitches to bring out the patterns they create in the branches and around the trunk of the tree.

I know now that I’ll be doing more painting above and below the tree too.

I’ll be looking forward to working on it again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “More Work On My Meditation Tree

    1. Oh Thank you Laurie, I feel like I know trees so well now and it just comes out when I work. Not so much that I’ve practiced, but just from observing them and being around them and I guess loving them.

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