Book Of Waiting

Emily gave me the little 3×4″ sketchpad with the zinnia on the cover last January.   The first drawing  I did, over a year ago,  was inspired by a small Illuminated book I saw at the Williams College Museum.

Now, I keep it in my bag, so in some ways it’s becoming a book of waiting.  Meaning I draw in it while I’m waiting.  Often for Jon during one of his appointments.  But today, after my doctors appointment I was waiting at the Pharmacy for two prescriptions for myself.

It’s an ear infection that makes everything sound like I’m underwater.  It’s moved to my eye so, as the drawing shows, both pills and drops for the next week.

I texted Julz, my Bellydancing teacher to let her know that although my eye is red, it isn’t pink eye or contagious, and my hearing isn’t so great.  She wrote back that she was getting over a spring cold.

What a mess we are, I texted, not that it will stop us.  

Exactly!  she texted back

We both missed class last week because of the weather.  Julz may be sniffling and I may be saying “What” too many times, but we will both be there tonight.

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