The Bee On Issachar’s Back

The bee on Issachar’s back

Where I wonder did that bee get all that pollen stuck to its legs this time of year.

But then I sneeze and rub my eye.  Allergies I’ve been saying for the past week as I pour hot water over last years dried Nettle leaves from the barnyard, into my teacup.

Still, that’s a lot of pollen that bee on Issachar’s back is carrying around.  I bet a beekeeper would know all about it.

6 thoughts on “The Bee On Issachar’s Back

  1. Maria,
    Bees have pockets on their legs where they put the pollen. It’s so sweet to see their legs getting bigger and bigger like wearing yellow fuzzy pantaloons!

  2. well not a beekeeper but had to go look:

    Forsythia is a good source of nectar for early spring pollinators.

    In the early spring, blooms are few and far between. Daffodils are not usually considered “bee plants.” But if nothing else is blooming, bees will head over to the daffodils

    1. Right, now that you say it, I’m sure there are flowers in neighbors yards blooming, but they seem so far away I didn’t think of them. Of course not so far as the bee flies.

  3. Have come back again to look at the incredible stash of pollen on the bee. Great photo Maria. And to admit I am a beekeeper in my heart.

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