Sewing The Spiral On My Meditation Tree


I sewed down the spiral on my Meditation Tree today.   In the center I placed a small mirror.  I tried some beads, and shells, but the little mirror brought a whole other layer to the piece.

The mirror in the center of the spiral

I also painted the old hand quilting coming off the spiral.  Just the straight lines making layers under the tree.

Next I’ll work on the space above the tree top.

Working on my Meditation Tree in my Studio

7 thoughts on “Sewing The Spiral On My Meditation Tree

  1. Hi Maria,

    Your tree is coming along beautifully.
    I have started to quilt again myself. I love the white fabric on which the tree is sewn. What do you call it? Is it a random fabric, or one used more for a backing? I would love to know so I can get some and not seem like a fool to the women in the store.

    Thank you,
    Jan Hogan

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