Lori Wants The Green, Green Grass


Issachar grabbed a mouthful of hay as I carried it to the feeders.  The donkeys and sheep surrounded me, eager for breakfast.

Except for Lori.

She stood at the fence staring into the yard.  I called her over, but she ignored me. I began to worry that something was wrong.

As I walked up to her and she turned to look at me then looked away.  By the time I got to her, she was nibbling on the bit of green that was growing under the rocks on the fence line.

In the same way Fate will sit at the drawer with the dog treats in it and look back and forth from it to me, I felt like Lori was telling me she didn’t want hay, she wanted the grass growing on the other side of the fence.

“Sorry Lori, ” I said, not yet.  The grass isn’t ready for you yet.  But soon.”

I went to muck out the barn and when I was done Lori was at the feeder with the rest of the sheep, munching away.

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