More Digging From Bud

Bud standing on the rocks that covered up the hole he dug.

Bud did it again.  Fate and Zinnia came running into the house when I called them, but not Bud.

Then I saw the hole he dug under the gate.  The big log pushed away and a pile of rich brown soil.

Bud was standing in front of the barn, looking lost.  Zinnia was on the porch as if nothing unusual was happening and the hens were under the Lilac.  I called Bud and he came running. Relieved, I think, to be back on familiar ground.

The logs piled in front of the gate were a temporary solution to Bud’s digging.  They worked through the winter when the ground was frozen.   We thought maybe Bud would forget about digging by the time spring came.

But it seems now that Bud has started digging he’s not going to stop.

The big flat rocks worked on the front fence.  Since I put them there he has stopped digging into he front yard.  So today I began lining the gate with more big flat rocks. (we have plenty from the old barn foundation in the barnyard)  I also buried some chicken wire along the gate line, hoping if he does start digging it might be a deterrent.

I got half the work done and will finish the rest next weekend.  Until then I put a pallet and more logs on the half I didn’t get to.

When I let Bud out after doing the work, he ran right to place where he had dug the hole.  He walked up and down the gate checking out the rocks then lifted his leg and peed on them.

I guess if they were going to be there, he was going to make sure everyone knew that they were his.

2 thoughts on “More Digging From Bud

  1. I’m sure your assessment of Bud’s peeing on the rocks is the right one, but I smiled before getting to your explanation thinking, “Well, that’s what Bud thinks of the rocks blocking him from doing what he probably thinks of as ‘his job’.”

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