Help Buy Breakfast For The Children Who Depend On The Cambridge Food Pantry

Me and other volunteers filling up Backpacks at the Cambridge Food Pantry.   We are in need of Instant Oatmeal.  You can buy some from the Cambridge Food Pantry Amazon Wish List here.

It was only my second time at the CambridgeFood Pantry working on the Backpack Program, but I felt like I fit right in.

Maybe it’s because everyone there does very little talking and a lot of work.  That is my comfort zone.  I like to keep busy and filling up bags with food for kids is satisfying in many ways.  When the bins and boxes filled with cereal, soups, apple and snacks start to run low, someone calls out to Scott what’s needed and he comes with more of it.

Last Thursday, when we ran out of apples, Scott brought out the last of the fruit cups instead.  We were short oatmeal for five kids in one family.  But Scott came up with a small box of corn flakes for them.

It’s kind of amazing how much food goes into the bags.  And unlike buying clothes for someone who needs them, the food doesn’t last.  The next week we’re packing bags so those same children have food for the coming weekend.

Right now we need more Instant Oatmeal to fill the Backpack bags this Thursday.

Yesterday Jon put up a post asking for Fruit Juice and so many of you contributed Sarah Harrington, the Director of the Cambridge Food Pantry, was able to take it off the wishlist for now.

If you can and would like to contribute to the Backpack Program, which makes sure that children who need it, will have breakfast and lunch for the coming weekend,  just click here.  It’s a link to the Cambridge Food Pantry Amazon Wishlist, specifically for Instant Oatmeal.  It’s $15.99 for 48 packs of oatmeal.  That’s 48 breakfasts for 48 kids.

You can also see the whole updated Cambridge Food Pantry Amazon Wish list here.

And thanks so much!  I’ll be thinking of all you who did when I fill reach into the bin with Instant Oatmeal this Thursday and put them in the bags that will go to the kids who will be eating them Saturday and Sunday morning.

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