Making The Backing For My Meditation Tree

Sewing the backing on my Meditation Tree

It’s the backing.  Not as exciting as the front, but it still needs to be done.  That’s what I worked on today after mailing out my Potholders and a couple of small Meditation Trees.

It always takes me longer to do the backings than I think it will.  I forget what’s involved.  Making the sleeve for a rod to go through at the top for hanging, hemming the sides so it’s “square” and of course all the sewing.

I always hand sew the backings.

The old fabrics I use are so inconsistent they’d never work on my sewing machine.  But I also like what the edges look like when I hand sew them.  It’s more organic, like a free-hand pencil line.  Not one made with a ruler.

I used a piece of old linen table cloth for the backing.  They work well.  Tomorrow after I finish sewing it on I’ll  see if I need to do some tacking to hold it together.   Each piece is different, but sometime when there is something heavy like the tree in this piece, it needs a bit of shoring up.

I’ll post a photo of it all done tomorrow. My Meditation Tree is sold.

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