Two Cat Pillows For Eileen

Cat Pillows For Eileen

Eileen is one of those people I’ve known for a long time but have never and probably will never meet in person.  She loves cats and supports many cat organizations as well as having her own cats.

When someone adopted a three legged cat from Salem’s Community Cats, where Jon and I got Zip, she wanted to do something for them.

“It’s the perfect way to support an artist and give something to the good person who took in this cat in need.”  She wrote me when I agreed to make a couple of cat pillows for her to give as a gift.

It’s only a couple of months ago that Kathy sent me the linen towel with the cat faces on it.  They had the feeling I was looking for.  It was easy to find the fabric that would work with them.  I made one pillow last week and made the other one today.

I liked the way they came out so I’m considering making a couple of more pillows or maybe some potholders using the same fabrics.

But I couldn’t get that going today.  After finishing my Meditation Tree and the pillows I need some space to see what comes next.

Tomorrow will be soon enough.

8 thoughts on “Two Cat Pillows For Eileen

  1. Love !! the cat pillows and the colors you used, especially the little cats hiding in the corner. If you make more let me know as my sister Pat just got a rescue cat and I love a pillow for her.

    1. I’d love to make a pillow for you Kathy. They wouldn’t have happened without you. I was kind of thrilled myself when I put the little faces in the corner. It made it mine in a way.

  2. Maria, they are just beautiful (two cat pillows). Could not have asked for more !! I am so happy that i thought of this gift idea and that you are (as a fiber artist) able to give life to my thought of pillows! I kept thinking what can I send to a person that took an un-neutered, young, injured cat off the streets (one of the volunteers of Salem’s Community cats – Salem, NY) founded by Darlene Phillips – took the cat to a vet and saved the cat? then You, Maria, saved the day !

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