Cat Face Pillow

Cat Face Pillow

Since Kathy asked, I spent my morning making another Cat Face Pillow. Kathy, who sent me the linen towel with those great cat faces on it, left a message saying if I made any more she’d like one for her sister who just rescued a cat.

I have to admit, framing those individual cat faces and sewing them along the edges is my favorite part of making these pillows.

I have enough fabric for at least one more pillow, maybe two. I’ll offer one to Kathy and put the others up for sale in my Etsy Shop when I get them done.

Today Cat Face Pillow

5 thoughts on “Cat Face Pillow

  1. Thanks sooo much Maria. My sister Pat will love it! You are so talented in your ability to find just the right colors and patterns that work together.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Put me on the list for a “Cat Face Pillow” if you have enough fabric!

    Thank you,


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