Two More Cat Face Pillows


Cat Face Pillow in progress

I made one and a half Cat Face Pillows today.  I didn’t get to putting the backing on the second one and stuffing it.

As long as the rat is really gone, I should be able to get this pillow done tomorrow.  One of them may be spoken for, but then I’ll put the other one up for sale in my Etsy Shop.    The pillow is 15″ square with a 4″ border.  They are $90 + shipping.

I’m also working with Sara Kelly on making my Meditation Tree into an 11×17″ poster.  We’re trying some colors for the border, but I haven’t made a decision yet.

And if I can’t find a backing for our refrigerator, (the one that Bud shredded trying to get rat), I’ll be making one out of cardboard.  Seems it’s a more important part of the refrigerator than I would have thought.

The Cat Face Pillow I finished today.

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