Handsome Issachar With A Mouthful Of Hay

Next month I’ll be shearing the sheep.  I’ve already talked to Ian McRae, our shearer about it and he’s ready to come when I ask him.

I’d like  the sheep to be off hay and grazing for a while before I do.  That way there will be less hay in their wool when it’s shorn.

Issachar and Asher’s wool is the most sticky.  By that I mean it’d dense and thick with lanolin.  So the hay clings to it more than with my Romneys.  They are a mix of Romneys, Blueface Leicester and Cormo.

As you can see they are messy eaters.

2 thoughts on “Handsome Issachar With A Mouthful Of Hay

  1. Maria this is a fantastic capture of Issachar – and the surrounding sky and land – so many textures and colors in a close up. Plus his eyes! Like all your sheep and donkey photos – this is truly frame worthy! ( or magnet worthy!)

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