My Last Cat Face Pillow Is For Sale

My Cat Face Pillow Is $90 + $10 shipping. You can buy it here.

It is my fifth and last Cat Face Pillow.  Eileen inspired the idea when she asked me to make two cat pillows for someone she knew who adopted a cat with three legs from Salem Community Cats.  The same place that Jon and I got Zip from.

I enjoyed making those first two pillows and made two more which sold quickly.  Now I’ve used up all the fabric so this is the last one.

My Cat Face Pillow is 15″x15″ with a 3″ border.  It is $90 + $10 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here. 

Or you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks, PayPal and Venmo.

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