Blue Bailing Twine, Done For Now

Close up of Blue Bailing Twine with parts of old bottles, an old ceramic insulator, bone, hacksaw blade, plastic bread tie, piece of an old soda bottle, and feather that I found in the hay.

The first day of grazing also means now more hay.  No more hay means no more  bailing twine for my Blue Bailing Twine art.

This morning, after letting the sheep and donkeys out to graze, I tied the last two pieces of blue bailing twine.

It’s good timing, the piece feels finished to me.

In the fall maybe I’ll find another place to tie more.  Or maybe I’ll feel differently and want to add more this this piece.

The first few stands of blue bailing twine

Above are the first few strands of blue bailing twine that I tied onto the gate post.  That was on November 10th, 2023, the day we started feeding the animals hay.

When I started it last fall I didn’t expect that  I’d be adding bones, glass, feathers, plastic, pottery shards, wool and slate to it.  That’s the fun and creative part, it goes where it goes.

I tied in the things I found on the farm.  Above is a piece of slate, wool and a plastic bread tie from a bag of old bread that I fed to the donkeys and sheep.

And here is a pottery shard from an old crock and a bone I found a few years ago.  It was perfect, chiseled by the teeth of rodents on the outside and hollow on the inside.

Like a very long bead.

Blue Bailing Twine. Done for the season and maybe for good.

Zip was there for the making of my Blue Bailing Twine.  He often sat  between me and it or rolled around, belly up, when I was working on it.

He seemed to want to be in the photo of the finished piece.

You can follow the whole process of making my Blue Bailing Twine here.

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