Cleaning Up My Studio And “I Have a Right to be Happy” Magnet

My Studio this morning

My studio was a mess.

I never even cleaned up after finishing my Meditation Tree.  Not only were there piles of fabric on my work table, floor and ironing board, but I had four boxes of fabric piled behind Fate’s crate blocking my shelves.

There was no way I could start something new with all that mess.

So I spent the day cleaning and organizing.  My shelves are still pretty haphazard, I didn’t get to them, but now, at least, all my fabric is visible to me.  Some in a few boxes on the floor, but at least I know what’s there and can easily get at it.

I Have the Right to be Happy magnet

When I was done, I took a picture of the wall hanging I made for Jon a couple of months ago.  It hangs on the wall in his office.  I’ve been meaning to make it into a magnet since then.  So it seems today was the day.

It will be 3″x2″ and I should have it by sometime next week.  I’ll be selling it in my Etsy Shop for $7 including shipping when I get it.

I stitched the words on a piece of old quilt.  I think the texture of that old quilt shows up nicely.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up My Studio And “I Have a Right to be Happy” Magnet

  1. Yes please, I will purchase 5 and send a check. My Maria Would magnet collection is taking over the fridge

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