“Real” business cards!

Finally! Real business cards. For most of the people I know who start a business, business cards are one of the first things they get. For me it’s one of the last. When I was YesNo Quilts, I designed my own cards with a friends help and had to cut each one out with a blade and straight edge. Very time consuming. When I got my new name I decided to get “real” business cards. For the past few months I’ve been using the old cards and crossing out YesNo Quilts and writing Full Moon Fiber Art. Even more time consuming.

I guess a part of me was afraid of business cards. I grew up in a time when business cards were serious. Of course, now, anyone can just go to Staples and have business cards printed up in a day for $20. I tried Staples, but didn’t see any designs or colors I liked. I looked online too, but just couldn’t commit. There was too much to choose from. Anyway, I knew there was a way to use the logo from my website, I just didn’t know how to get it from the website to someone who could print the cards. When I thought about going to a professional with the idea I was afraid it would cost too mcuh money and thought I should be able to do it myself.

After months of this kind of thinking, and with a little push from Jon, I finally went to Image Loft in Manchester (they do custom framing and print Jon’s notecards) told them what I wanted and a couple of weeks later….. Full Moon Fiber Art business cards! Just the way I pictured them. Why didn’t I do this three month ago?

6 thoughts on ““Real” business cards!

  1. They look great! Congratulations! I do know what you mean about so may choices on some things…makes a decision sometimes overwhelming!

  2. Hi Maria, Well, some ideas take time.You needed the push(support) from Jon and Bingo! These are so perfect! You should be proud as a peacock with these! They speak YOU.
    Kiss Frieda, the big sweetie, Cindy

  3. Love the design, Maria, both on your cards and on your website. I wish you much success!


  4. Really nice business cards, Maria. The blue next to that fabric (almost complementary colors), work well together.

  5. I really like your new business cards! Beautiful design. Very reflective of you and your art.


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