When I first bought my new sewing machine the woman who sold it to me told me about an invisible pen (aka mark-be-gone.) You draw on fabric with it then stitch over the lines and the ink disappears about 20 hours later. Out loud I said, “Oh that’s interesting” inside I was saying “There’s no way I’ll ever use one of those, I just want to stitch free hand”.

Then came Rita.

Yesterday I went back to the store and bought 3 mark-be-gones. Above is my first attempt at drawing Silent Rita using the invisible pen and free motion stitching.

I think this is going to work.

8 thoughts on “mark-be-gone

  1. I am very glad to know about these pens. I hope they were not too expensive. I love your comments. I’m not sure if you are also going on the book tour but I appreciate both you and Jon so much! Best wishes.

  2. Hi Maria, This is amazing! What a concept.Silent Rita. Silent pen. Enjoy :~} PS Have a great tour. Hope you three have some silly
    laughs along the way!

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