Book tour sketches, Cincinnati

Although hotel rooms are basically all the same, it’s interesting to capture the small differences in my sketches. This is my first time in Ohio and I’ve noticed that the cities seem to have an emptiness about them, I guess because there is so much flat space. The streets are wide and aren’t congested with traffic or people. It’s very different from the north east.

It’s been great traveling from bookstore to bookstore. I’ve always found it comforting to be around books. When I a teenager I used to go to my local book store in the Mall just to be surrounded by books. The owners would follow me around thinking I was trying to steal something.

I’ve never seen bookstores like some of the ones we’ve been to in Ohio. They have sweeping “Gone with the Wind” staircases and elaborate fireplaces. I only wish I had more time to explore them. I’ve also had the opportunity to see many of my readers and customers at the book signings. It’s always great to meet people I’ve made potholders or quilts for or just been in touch with through my website. I’ve also met lots of people I didn’t know were out there.

It’s definitely exhausting, and I’m not even working like Jon is, but I do love traveling. We’re off to Kentucky later this morning, I’ve never been there either, I’m sure the hotel room will look the same, but what’s outside the window will be different.

7 thoughts on “Book tour sketches, Cincinnati

  1. Maria: Had not read your blog for a bit, but you are truly developing as an artist. I enjoy your sketches, but am so looking forward to the “Rita” works. She looks like a gal coming into her own – much like her creator. Glad you have found a place to be for yourself. I am sure you are anxious to turn toward home soon.
    I also understand your letting the bags go, at least for a time. It can really bog down your creativity, if you continue on with a theme for too long. Happy Quilting. Peg on Vancouver Island

  2. Yeah, cities are just dull. I like smaller towns, smaller Southern cities of 7,000 people or less. I’ve never seen a bookstore with a sweeping staircase. I’m used to little bitty bookstores crammed so thick with books that a body can’t move. I love books, too. I like libraries, that’s where I hung out as a teen looking for the latest Science Fiction book.

    I don’t like Ohio as well due to the flatness. I lived there for 4 years. The people are great, I left many friends. I was glad to get back to the Old Dominion since I missed my beloved mountains.

  3. WHAT!!! The school libray?? I am shocked. I loved my elementary school librarian Mrs. Berkowitz. She wasn’t warm and fuzzy but she always knew the best books to recommend and let me volunteer on my lunch time to put books away.

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