Snow Day Singer

It’s hard to have a snow day when your work is just across the road. But I did take more time shoveling (many times today to keep up with it) and walking in the snow. It took me a few potholders to get used to the Singer again. I actually had to thread the needle! And it is a bit sluggish compared to the Brother. But truly, I was thrilled to have a machine to sew on and we were back at it after a while just like old times.

8 thoughts on “Snow Day Singer

  1. Hi Maria, I bet that was actually kind of grounding, threading your needles and thumping along with your cherished Singer.It actually can be a positive experience revisiting the past at times. Nice.The snow is beautiful here(and there too.)
    Uh oh…Apple tart crumbs on Rita.(Ron just made them.) :~)

    1. Yes and I started a quilt I might not have if I had the Brother. I was thinking of using both machines in the future, of course I won’t once I get the new one back, but it’s a nice thought. Don’t worry about the apple curmbs, Rita’s a bit of a tart herself.

  2. Yes, the Singer is very reliable. Always loved the old black Singer machines for their reliability.

    Needle threading is now an adventure within itself. Know this all too well. Sigh.

  3. What a lovely photo. If I look closly I can see your spirit in it. Christmas lights to plug in to cheer up those outside. A view to inspire. Like the snow shovel you used often that day you grasp change with both hands and keep a shovelin. Adapting and setting a new pace. Tissues close at hand to dab the tear or two away that may fall. Or clean out that runny nose from returning to the warmth inside. Live simple, do what you love, the best you can no matter the circumstances.

  4. See? Old friends are always there to keep you going when you need them. And what a contemplative view from your worktable! Just the simple photo brings a feeling of peace.

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