Izzy in the studio

Both Izzy and Freida spent part of the day with me in the studio.  Izzy found a spot in the corner on the old crazy quilt cushion that is usually on my chair.  Izzy surprised me by taking balls of yarn out of my basket and playing with them so  I guess it’s not so  unusual that he took my cushion to lie on.

7 thoughts on “Izzy in the studio

  1. OMG, how cute is that? (both the photo and that he took out your balls of yarn to play with) What a sweetie! Did he really TAKE your cushion?
    This is a great photo, rivals some of Jon’s (oops, don’t tell him I said that . . . )

  2. The comment is not connected to the image: I think you could create art that incorporates you trapunto style of embroidery (a la pot holders, quilts) and imagine that onto clothing. Let’s say, a light-weight linen jacket that has a frieze along the hem of women in various occupations, or a series or vignettes of room-scapes. I do believe this could be big.

  3. My Border Collie does a lot of cute stuff I think to entertain me, or amaze me. Izzy looks great contrasted with that Star of David quilt.

  4. It’s plain to see that dear Izzy loves the extra TLC at the Studio Barn. Great idea to share the good vibes there with him. Love the picture!

  5. Wow.He looks just handsome against that quilt! So nice to see and hear about this playfulness coming from the Serious Dog of soul.Your studio time pleases him. 🙂
    You must be out strait getting ready for Studio 99. Enjoy, Cindy

  6. What a smart dog! I was looking at this picture and instantly said “Oh how funny is Izzy!” My husband walked by saying “How do you know the dog’s name?” so I scrolled down to read the info and I smiled proudly as my husband burst out laughing, and I said “I just know…I love all dogs!” 😀

  7. Izzy looks very comfortable amongst the colorful quilts and cushions, so gorgeous, he seems to have a beaut spirit about him, just adore him!

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