Potholder Contest?

Contests, I’ve never been one for contests.  Mostly because I never believed I could win.  I remember the first time I went hiking alone.  I was scared.   I was going to hike Tongue Mountain on Lake George, there were warnings about rattlesnakes and bears.  But I wasn’t afraid of either,  I grew up with too many horror movies, I was afraid of the escaped psycho who lived in the woods waiting for lone hikers.  So I thought, really, what are the chances.  I won’t play the lottery because I believe I could never win, so why should my chances be better of meeting the psycho in the woods.

Sure, I thought if it’s something good it can’t happen to me, but if it’s bad……

So why not a contest?  Why not spread some of the good stuff around?  For all those out there who have, like me, said to themselves “I never win”  maybe this is a chance to try again.  If I can put it out there, you can try.   Why am I so nervous?  I guess because I’ve always felt that contests are chintzy,  (maybe if I won some I’d feel different) all the more reason to do it.  So this is for all those people, like me,  who have never won a contest.

I’ll give away some potholders.   I’ll make 3 potholders and you just have to choose which one you like and I’ll throw all the names in a bowl and pick the winners.   If it works and it’s fun, I’ll keep doing it, if not, well…beware of rattlesnakes.



74 thoughts on “Potholder Contest?

  1. I won a puppy in a school drawing once although he did vanish one day and I was told he went to live on a farm. I volunteer to help choose a winner. I might go steal a potholder, since I have not been given one. Great response.

  2. I do not play the lottery for fear that I might win, therefore killing my argument about the odds any of my fears (plane crashes, tornadoes, fires, and — yes, the escaped psycho in the woods) — coming true.

  3. I already have two I had ordered from you and I love them. I got them for when we moved back after our fire. It would be for my husband’s cousin who just loved them as she was raised on a farm in the country. Her name is Peggy Richardson and if she wins maybe you can let me know and I will let you know her address for delivery. Thanks so much Maria as your work is so beautiful. Have a great day and God Bless.

  4. I would love to win one of your beautiful potholders! I don’t usually win contest either. Maybe my luck will change!

  5. My pots and pans would be honored to be lifted by your potholders…and each time I used one I would lift you up also.

  6. I bought 3 potholders for my best friend’s birthday last September and wished I would have gotten myself some. I liked the sizes of them, wasn’t expecting them to be that large…..so please put my name “in the hat”. Thank you.

  7. I NEVER win anything either Maria…so I thought why the heck not enter this contest. I just might be lucky. If I won one of your potholders I would probably frame it. :)

  8. What a wonderful idea to have a potholder give away! Perhaps now you will know what a wonderful following you have for your talented sewing…everything you offer to us is a work of art and the best part is its made with love and loving hands. Thanks Maria for sharing all of this with us!

  9. i love these potholders – i purchased 4 of them (2 for me and two for a present ) a long time ago – when you first started making them. I love, love them.

  10. I love their colorfulness!
    Good for you to embark on this new “journey” – the contest.
    Thank you.

  11. When you first started making your potholders, I purchased some for a present for my wife. She loved them. It is time for some new ones. Either by winning( hopefully) or purchasing.

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