Potholder Contest?

Contests, I’ve never been one for contests.  Mostly because I never believed I could win.  I remember the first time I went hiking alone.  I was scared.   I was going to hike Tongue Mountain on Lake George, there were warnings about rattlesnakes and bears.  But I wasn’t afraid of either,  I grew up with too many horror movies, I was afraid of the escaped psycho who lived in the woods waiting for lone hikers.  So I thought, really, what are the chances.  I won’t play the lottery because I believe I could never win, so why should my chances be better of meeting the psycho in the woods.

Sure, I thought if it’s something good it can’t happen to me, but if it’s bad……

So why not a contest?  Why not spread some of the good stuff around?  For all those out there who have, like me, said to themselves “I never win”  maybe this is a chance to try again.  If I can put it out there, you can try.   Why am I so nervous?  I guess because I’ve always felt that contests are chintzy,  (maybe if I won some I’d feel different) all the more reason to do it.  So this is for all those people, like me,  who have never won a contest.

I’ll give away some potholders.   I’ll make 3 potholders and you just have to choose which one you like and I’ll throw all the names in a bowl and pick the winners.   If it works and it’s fun, I’ll keep doing it, if not, well…beware of rattlesnakes.



74 thoughts on “Potholder Contest?

  1. I think they’re all pretty. I really like the bright colors. You’ve inspired me to try quilting some things on my own– I’m starting slow and safe with a baby rag quilt, so mistakes shouldn’t be easy to spot!

  2. Hi Maria, I would be thrilled to win one of your potholders. Your work is inspirational! Barbara

  3. Fun idea, Maria. I’m in…just because. For the record, my husband never thought he’d win anything either…until he was cajoled in to buying a raffle ticket. Two hours later he won a brand new car! Just two months before our daughter turned 16 ! So you never know!

  4. I also say beware of big, hairy spiders that might crawl on you when you’re asleep.

    Aside from that, a contest sounds good!

  5. So, at the 4th parade in Argyle were you lookin for rattlesnakes? Know what you mean. We have some really nice mountains around here. Hike with a group. but wonder what more there is to see in the quiet. Also seen some shady folk hanging the parking lots. You know when to say “Hey” to wildlife and walk away and when you might need to puff up a little. Folk on the edge are very scary!! My Pot holder would win!!… but would I would choose another.

  6. I would love to win one of your beautiful potholders. They are truely an inspiring work of art. And I certainly can relate to never having won a thing….

  7. Maria: I have been lucky in life, but not always in contests. There are no rattlesnakes here abouts, but BC (Canada) has been having lots of bear attacks. One was even seen roaming on the beach in Greater Victoria – our capital city.

    PS A potholder of yours would hang with pride in my kitchen!

  8. I am not much on horror movies or contests. I do feel that those that work are winners be it shoveling snow or making quilts. It is satisfying to look back and feel that you have accomplished. Have fun and good luck with the contest.

  9. You can count me in! I won one contest once, Bruins tickets. (I couldn’t care less about sports.) :o)

  10. This told me my first comment was a duplicate of something I’d already sent so it wouldn’t go through. I changed it up a bit and now it’s here twice. (Murphy’s Law I guess.)

  11. I would love one of your potholders!! It would make me very happy! I would feel like I had some love hanging in my kitchen. I hope I win but you and Jon have all ready given me a lot. Thanks!

  12. The moment I started reading this my cat jumped up on my desk and started rubbing my face, which she never does. It’s a sign. Enter me, I’m in!

  13. Hay and what about Australia? Could I enter the contest? I’d love to win a pot holder! 🙂 🙂

  14. Hi Maria! Yes, please–put me in the pot! I love your potholders but never feel I can buy anything for myself with having a wee one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I would be thrilled to win anything you have made. I loved your story about hiking. I am like you. The woods is not a scary place for me, it is heaven! However people often scare me. I love your posts. I only knew about you because I read Jon’s books, but I love your work.

  16. In case people are wondering what it is you and Jon are giving me all the time; it’s your blogs and books and gentle spirits and being in touch with the land and animals. I use your blogs to quiet my mind before prayer and meditation every evening after a day in the city. (Washington DC) Thanks again!

  17. HI MAria,

    I would be so honored to win one of your creative
    potholders, they are one of a kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. I spend 6-7 months each fall/winter/spring at our ranch which is simply divine then. Come late spring, the rattlesnakes come out in force! It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll see one….I’m outta there! What a fun idea…a potholder contest! 🙂

  19. Yea! Maria I would love a chance to get one of your potholders. I have been waiting for the opportunity to buy one. Count me in!!

  20. hi Maria love your work and i never win but what the heck its worth the effort to try if i get one of your potholders

  21. would love to have a chance, enjoy your blog along with Jon’s i read them every morning would love a non walmart type potholder

  22. Your potholders are truly art. I have a couple of your cat potholders, and they don’t get used (only looked at), because I don’t want to mess them up! I would love to win another! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Please enter me in the contest… I win little things often enough to keep me motivated to enter! I am the person who won’t go out of town because I might get in a wreck… LOL

  24. Here’s to stretching beyond one’s comfort zone! (Whilst avoiding bears, rattlesnakes, parking lot stalkers…. and sentence fragments.) Contests are fun, even though I never win them, either!

  25. Great idea Maria!!

    I will admit though that I’ve won a contest or two over my 50+ years
    but mostly not, and hope that I can still join in?
    I already own one of your beautiful potholders:

    my beautiful yellow potholder
    hanging so nicely on my kitchen wall
    made by artist maria wulf
    too beautiful a piece of work
    that i can’t bear to use
    would love to win one
    and maybe use that one for real
    but probably not……….

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