Hello Out There

Diane, Joyce and I got together to hang the last Gallery 99 show at the Charles Wood Theater in Glens Falls.  The play is “Hello Out There” and the theme of the show is teenaged angst in New York City.  Gallery 99 has been a success, they sold 9 pieces from the last show.  I was drawn to the maryjanes by Kate Austin-Avon and the water color of NYC by Russian born artist Ludmila Gayworonsky.   The opening reception is Friday July 22nd and the show runs through July 30th.

The next Gallery 99 show will be in February in one of the empty store fronts in Downtown Glens Falls.





2 thoughts on “Hello Out There

  1. Ah, memories. At first I thought the Hello OUt There was a salutation to your readers. Then I realized that the one act play was to be performed. When in college I played the part of the young girl and had a crush on the boy who played the role of the man in jail. Years later I was the drama dirctor at a private school in Delaware and decided to cast that play for the seniors and took our production to a state one act play contest at the U. of Delaware. One of the football coaches saw me in the cafeteria that morning before we left and said, “West, if you don’t win, don’t come back!” We actually did win (saved my face with the coaches.) Hope you get to see the production there. It has a very dramatic ending. I think sometimes that I am still calling, “Hello out there” to see who might answer.

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