My First Computer

When I first got my computer I used to sit in front of it trying to get the mouse to do what I wanted it to do, sweating and saying over and over to myself, “Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic”.  That was 5 years ago, I was forty two and couldn’t imagine what I would even use a computer for.

Today, Jon and I brought that computer to the Apple store in Albany to see if it was worth keeping.  I was told that any computer over 5 years old was  considered vintage.  The man who helped us had to go into the back room to get an “old” keyboard to hook up to it.  I would not be able to use the latest Lion operating system and the most I could do on it is upload photos, blog and email.

It’s only been 5 years, but this computer has been with me from the beginning.  I learned how to blog on it, and started my first website on it.  It went through my divorce and made my art studio into a business.  I learned how to buy and listen to music on it and how to find out anything I wanted to know when ever I wanted to know it. I learned I could be selective about what I wanted to watch and hear and do it on my own time.   It connected me to a group of people (everyone reading this) that I would never have known.  It makes my life, as it is, possible.

So I’ve come to  be grateful for and love this thing that used to terrify me.   It reminds me how knowledge and understanding can turn something scary into a whole new  beautiful way of seeing the world.

15 thoughts on “My First Computer

  1. I believe your life, as it is, is very admirable. Watching you at the Apple Store, you tightened up, got wary, then collected yourself. The computer had done well by you, and you are doing very well by it.

  2. Hi Maria……
    Your last paragraph fitted me to a T when I got my first real computer, it was a Gateway. Had it for five years, loved it. It opened up a whole new world for me. I was 61. I’ve met family and friends I hardly would ever be in touch with. And OH the pictures that I’ve seen of family. So enjoyable.

    Are you still with this “old” computer or did you get a different one?

    Have a great rest of the day.


  3. Hi Maria,

    I enjoy reading your blog and looking at photos of your quilts and wondered if you could give some tips on where to find out more information on blogging? Also, I hope to attend the art show in October.

    best regards,


    1. Hi Lynn, I’m not sure where to find out info on blogging, except to google it. I use wordpress which I hear is good compared to others. It’s easy to use. I’m not really good at how things work, just good at doing what I have to to do what I want. Hope you can make it to the show in October.

  4. Scary that something only five years old is considered vintage. We’ve had our desktop for longer and are considering going to a laptop and possibly a Mac.

    It’s amazing how much the world opens up with a computer – also a little scary. I have to keep on top of everything Joe is looking at and it’s not easy. It’s a big responsibility and one not taken lightly.

    I have been able to reconnect with old school friends through Facebook and make new ones as well. If it wasn’t for this great medium we would not have come to know you and Jon. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.”

  5. Hi Maria, I have to agree with you there, as I live soooo far away,in Australia,I am also amazed with what I can find and see on my laptop, which I received for my birthday. I love reading your blogs and I love reading about the daily adventures on Bedlam Farm, technology is absolutely amazing! It surely makes my day 🙂 🙂

  6. Saying goodbye to that computer is like parting with a dear, dear friend. I felt similar when upgrading my sewing machine to a Bernina “sewing computer”. I took a blogging teleclass from Peggie Arvidson. She still teaches it. It went on for about 4 weeks and had lots of content and hands on. By the end of the course we all had set up blogs and were blogging. Just Google her or facebook. Terah

  7. I really like this particular blog entry. It tells me so much about you. What a lovely, courageous, strong lady you are! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. I’ve always heard that they are outdated the minute they roll off the assembly line. Mine is jinxed (PC). You can always link your vintage one to your new one. Save the vintage Mac for other tasks, the new for different things.

  9. We got our first computer, a Dell from Hell, in 2000. My then 13 yr old son rebuilt that thing, stem to stern, three times over the years, which gave him a leg up on his college education and computer career. He still keeps it going for me!! I just can’t bear to part with it. I was only 45 yrs old then, and terrified of computers, too. Maria, I agree with Diane that it is so special for us that you share so much of yourself. It helps us to open up also. AND ANGELA IS FROM AUSTRALIA?!? YOU GO GIRL! Annie

  10. Your writing is both insightful and lovely, Maria. I so enjoy reading about your creative processes, field trips, and life at Bedlam Farm. Thank you!

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