Like Cutting Through Butter

I just got my Gingher shears back in the mail and… what’s that saying about ” like cutting through butter?”   I find I just want to use them.  I’m cutting fabric that doesn’t need to be cut.  This may sound strange, but, I just like the way it feels.  There is just enough resistance to appreciate the seemingly effortless effort the scissor has to make to slice through the fabric.  It is like cutting through warm butter.  Creamy around the edges, you only begin to feel the blade  when it meets  the firm center of the butter.  Somehow it’s the same with fabric, smooth and clean, more like slices than cuts.  I’m especially enjoying cutting through cotton batting, it’s like eating cotton candy.

Once I figured it out, it was so easy. ( And thanks again to the person who suggested it on my blog)    I just sent Gingher the scissors with a note that I wanted the scissors sharpened and a check for $7.50.  Three weeks later, here they are!  They also recommend a sharpening stone.  I’ll let you know how that works out.


5 thoughts on “Like Cutting Through Butter

  1. Hi, Maria,

    I’m the person who suggested you send your Gingher scissors in to the company for sharpening. Sometimes when people try to sharpen them themselves there’s not much the company can do to rehabilitate them. I’m glad it worked out for you. I know what you’re talking about when you describe the delight of using a really good, sharp scissors. Happy cutting!

  2. Oh, Maria! I share your love for Gingher shears! My grandmother was a fantastic seamstress and bought me a pair for my eighteenth birthday. I still have and use the #$ years later (that must have been a computer glitch).

    When my grandmother passed away, I was given her pair, too. And doin’t get me started about Gingher pinking shears…! Definitely a hot knife through butter – I use that analogy all the time.

    1. I find it so interesting that these objects become connections to the past, memories and emotion. They must hold the energy of the work and the love. (I forgot about the hot part in the knife description)

  3. You’re entirely welcome. Glad to help. I think that’s one of life’s greatest joys: to be aware that someone has a need and know that you have an answer to it.

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