Welcoming and Now Easy to Get Into

Ben building the ramp

For the first show at the Pig Barn Gallery, we asked Ben to put in some stone steps to the front door.  They were truly beautiful, but we found that lots of people had a hard time walking up them.  Many people, including my mother, found it easier to walk up the  grassy incline to the the small side door.  With all my talk about wanting the gallery to be welcoming and inclusive, it doesn’t work if people can’t get to the door.   So for the Functional Art Show we decided  to have a ramp built.  Ben had to dig out a good amount of soil, which he did by hand, and break up an old cement slab.  He’s been working on it for a few days and will be done early next week in plenty of time for the show in October.

the ramp almost done


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