Cleaning The Pig Barn

The chickens kept me company while I cleaned the barn

Jon left for the book tour in Ohio this morning  and I missed him the moment he walked out the door.  But the dogs had to go out and cats were meowing for breakfast and the hens were trying to eat the cat food and Simon was braying and Lulu and Fanny were at the gate looking for carrots.  They kept me busy in the sweetest way.

Then I cleaned the Pig Barn Gallery.  It’s been closed up since the first show in June and the spiders moved in.  I can’t imagine where all the dirt came from, but there were clouds of it.  I moved the spiders and their millions of babies outside (I still think of Charlotte when I see a spider web, especially in the Pig Barn)  and swept and vacuumed the webs.  A part of me hated to get rid of all the cobwebs.  They are so sculptural sometimes I just like to look at them marveling and wondering how I could reproduce such a thing.  Some of the beams still had hay on them. I cleaned them all but one.  A reminder of the barns original purpose.  It felt good to spend time in the space, getting to know it all over again.  Tomorrow I’ll  light some incense and meditate there so  it  will be ready for Diane and me to hang the show on Thursday.


8 thoughts on “Cleaning The Pig Barn

  1. You must be so excited about the show. I think of Charlotte when I see a spider too. That is still one of my favorite books. I don’t usually kick them out of my house unless they get in the way. Good luck with all he preparations.

  2. Yes, I remember reading to you and I’ll never forget how we cried when charlotte died. I guess i should pick up a copy of Jon’s book!

  3. I know exactly what you mean when you said you missed Jon the minute he walked out the door.
    That pinch of pain has hit me when I know my man has to be gone several days, and he actually walks out the door.
    Those spider photos are awesome.
    Cindy 🙂

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