Suzy’s Baby Hats

I got Suzy Fatzinger’s  box of hand spun, hand knitted baby hats in the mail yesterday.   You can watch me unpack them in the video.  They are all in warm rich colors  and I’m thinking, I have a small head, maybe one will fit me.  There’s also her mohair shawl and she’s making another in fall colors which she’ll be knitting on her way up from Pennsylvania.  I’m not sure if Suzy will be here Saturday or Sunday (maybe it depends on when she gets the shawl done) but when she does get here, she’ll be in the Pig Barn spinning her roving.  I tried spinning a couple of times, but wasn’t patient enough to learn, so I really appreciate Suzy’s work.

Suzy also sent me a small ball of pink wool.  This is the third in my collection.  The first was orange then yellow.  She said I needed the pink one because I use those colors together so often.  Early this year I put the orange one on a deer bone in my studio and made a stitch sketch potholer out of it. 

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