Night Gowns, Long Skirts and Men’s Shirts all Plaid

I spent Saturday at the Women’s Exchange, a thrift store in Williamstown MA, looking for plaid fabric for the backs of my Plaid Friday Potholders.   I went with some friends and we were all surprised when we realized we had been in the thrift store for 2 1/2 hours! We all agreed  there was some kind of time warp, none of us had ever shopped for so long in one  store.  It must have been the good company.    One friend brought her two daughters and when I asked for help finding plaids they came to me with armloads.

I went for the big pieces of fabric, 100% cotton, 100% plaid  nightgowns, long skirts and men’s shirts.  Tomorrow it’s back in the studio. I’ll be making 25 potholders in 3 days and that includes shopping for Thanksgiving.  I don’t think I would have voluntarily put that kind of pressure on myself in the past, suddenly, I’m someone who loves the challenge.

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