Christmas at the Brooklyn Museum

We had a wonderful Christmas in Brooklyn,  just walking around the streets  looking at everything and everyone is enough to keep my mind and eyes busy and happy.  On Christmas Eve we went to the Brooklyn Museum.  I haven’t been there in years and our hotel was in walking distance  (nothing is in walking distance of the farm, except more farms)  what a treat.

There was lots there that caught my eye, but it was these small Egyptian figures that I wanted to be sure to remember.  I was thinking of my streaming work and my goddesses.  I’ve seen images and statues similar to these before, and those  have subconsciously influenced my work, but these will consciously influence my work.  Maybe even inspire me to look at more of  the many goddesses that have come before mine.    I love the way this one makes floating look as easy as sitting in a comfortable chair.  Definitely not the typical Egyptian Art I’m used to seeing.

10 thoughts on “Christmas at the Brooklyn Museum

  1. [Speaking of goddesses…Jill put the bee in my bonnet! c.b.]

    In all of it’s glory.
    A potholder, you say?
    Well, now there’s a story.

    Taken so much for granted,
    An overlooked tool.
    Born of necessity
    To keep the hand cool.

    Goddess of hearth,
    Protector of home.
    From Hestia to Baubo,
    That bawdy old crone!

    Down through the ages
    The women did cook.
    Rudimentary utensils
    Now have a new look.

    Athena of crafts,
    Demeter of grain.
    Now Maria of pies
    To sing our refrain.

    Gone are the rawhides,
    And ‘loom loopers’ we cast.
    Function meets form
    Inspiration at last!

    Stitched of the spirit,
    Spurred by the muse.
    A fine work of art,
    Quite ready to use.

    So barefoot, in p.j.’s
    Or satin and lace.
    The goddess of pie crust
    Says it’s all in the taste!!

  2. Love the goddess art and cheryl’s poem. Maria your potholders were a hit with my family, everyone loved them and I loved giving them! Thank you, thank you! Blessings for 2012 to you and Jon.

  3. Cheryl b. by-the-beautiful-sea! You are such an inspired poet and I always love the way you craft with words, – Maria’s potholders are indeed beautiful and unique.

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