My, How You’ve Grown!

Suzy Fatzinger (who made the adorable baby hats in the last Pig Barn Show) sent me this picture of one of my first potholders and one of my most recent potholders.

I had only met Suzy once before, when she and her family showed up at a craft fair in Poultney VT where I was selling my quilts and my first potholders.  We got along right away and our friendship has grown online.

I guess that was 2 years ago.  It was my first batch of potholders.  They didn’t have insulated batting, and I  machine stitched them around the edge so I wouldn’t have to do any hand stitching.    I remember I sold out (although Suzy said I gave her one for free and I guess it’s possible I gave others away, I don’t really remember).  Then  I found the potholder insulation,  started hand stitching them closed and I haven’t stopped making them since.

My potholders have evolved and my free motion sewing machine took them in places I couldn’t have imagined back then.  It’s kind of great to see these two together.  Suzy called them cousins.  I looked at them and thought “My how you’ve grown!”


8 thoughts on “My, How You’ve Grown!

  1. So true! Kyle was waiting w/ my recent pot holder delivery when I came home from work…we opened together he says WOW! they’re bigger than her others! I take my others out of the drawer to wash & go to put our new ones in the drawer & he says you can’t use those, they should be hung up….poor man doesn’t understand how I love to cook & bake & everytime I reach for my “functional art” potholders I feel like I cooked a “masterpiece”! I absolutely love them Maria especially the Paris cafe’!

  2. Yep! You did give it to me for free, and your potholders were wonderful from the very start – they just keep getting better and better. How fun it will be to look back on your streaming pieces two years from now – watching your work evolve is inspiring.

  3. I actually brought the large beige,windows potholder at Thanksgiving to my daughter’s holding the dish of stuffing. I gave her the potholder as a house gift. She loves it! Spreading your story. 🙂

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